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Establishing the main site. Lomami camp, photo by Dieu Merci Mpongo and Johnson Uyulu

Establishing the camps


Searching for bonobos

Once on the ground, the teams surveyed the area to identify the most suitable location for the placement of the grid where the data collection will be performed for a minimum of 12 months.

On the way to the research sites. Photo by Dieu Merci Mpongo and Johnson Uyulu

On the way to the research sites

At the end of July 2023, after the Initial BonDiv Workshop, the researchers started their trip to their respective BonDiv sites (five active currently).

BonDiv, Initial workshop, July 2023. Practice of vegetation plots. Photo by P.Dieguez.

First Initial BonDiv workshop​

Took place in Kinshasa, putting together a total of 36 participants, including BonDiv researchers, local partners, members of ICCN, and other associated in-country practitioners and funders.